Market Update – November

Hayley’s November 2019 Market Update

Happy Holidays! This season, gifts are not the only thing people are buying. Homes in St. Louis are SELLING! Limited inventory and low interest rates are driving an extremely competitive marketplace for this time of year. Back in Sep/Oct, I would have told you the market was starting to shift. However, the current environment seems to be gearing up for a roaring 2020.  

St. Louis City Total Market Overview 

St. Louis Area Total Market Overview

In reviewing our total market overview and the November Housing Report here are some key takeaways:

-In St. Louis County, there is less than a month of inventory in the $200-250,000 price point. If you have a home to sell in this price range, we should talk! Now is the time to sell!

-In St. Louis City, there is also less than a month of inventory in the $175-199,000 price point. Once again, great opportunity to sell!

-The numbers in almost all categories are improving from 4 weeks ago. This is atypical and shows that the market has picked up since earlier in the Fall.

-The Housing Report shows a big decline in sales for the month of November. This was based on the contracts written in September in October. Based on current activity, I think we will see an uptick in sales closed in December.

I’m always happy to discuss the market in more detail. Feel free to reach out so we can discuss how to accomplish your real estate needs.

Wishing you a warm holiday season!



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