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Wallpaper…IT’S BACK


Does anyone else remember their mom’s awful floral wallpaper that she got to match the sofa perfectly?….Anyone? Anyone?…Well, I sure remember my mom’s wallpaper, or more I remember her paying me in college to take it down. I’m not sure which was worse, but I’m leaning towards the awful floral print.  Well my friends, wallpaper is back, and I’m actually happy to see it this time around!  Designers are no longer using it in the whole room, which I don’t hate it when it is, but more as accents to give the room that WOW factor without swallowing the entire room.   I’ve rounded up a list of some of my favorite uses and patterns for throughout the house.

Photo: Studio McGee

Photo: Jamie Rose Interiors

Photo: Wit and Delight

Photo: A Thoughtful Place

Photo: The Green Spring Home

Photo: House of Turquoise
Designed by: Studio M Interiors

Designed By: Foxy Oxie




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