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That’s a Wrap!

Call me crazy, but I love to go all-out when it comes to wrapping Christmas presents! My aunt would wrap beautiful presents for me and my family every year and I grew to love wrapping presents as a result. Every year I spend more than an hour at Home Goods and World Market picking out my theme for that year’s wrapping. If you haven’t been to either of these stores for their wrapping paper, I highly recommend them. I’ve rounded up a few of my personal inspirations for this years presents.

Personally, I love having solid wrapping paper and dressing it up! In the image above,  they have used some boxwood, but you could also trim a little off your tree to add a little texture.

As illustrated by the image above, who doesn’t love having a little extra treat before opening their present? I love this idea of adding some festive candy on top of the present.

I love the idea of adding a little ornament to the present that goes with your theme. I plan on using this idea with some of my presents for my family this year. I’m doing white, gray, and silver wrapping with polar bears, to match my polar bear dogs.  I found cute wooden initials at Hobby Lobby and have spray painted them in silver glitter and attached them to the presents.

Illustrated above, this is a great idea when you have extra wrapping paper. I’m sure everyone has had a moment when they have extra wrapping paper and they don’t know what to do with it and end of throwing it away. I think this idea will help differentiate your presents and allow you to be resourceful and ensure nothing goes to waste at the time.

This is for all those calligraphers out there! I am not one of those people but I would get large stickers to create the same effect.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration as you start wrapping all your presents! Not only do these gifts surly impress your family and friends when they receive them, but they add to your Christmas decorations! Who doesn’t love to see a beautiful pile of presents underneath the tree!

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