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Home Maintenance with Pets Checklist

When people hear I have two Great Pyrenees, the first question I usually get is “How often do you have to vacuum?” and shortly followed by “How much do you have to brush them?” The answer for both questions:  A LOT.  Keeping your home clean is beneficial not only for day-to-day activities, but also will make the house preparation process significantly less time consuming should you ever decide to sell your home.  So, to help ease the stress of keeping your house clean, here is my Home Maintenance wth Pets Checklist:

  1. Brush – The first step to cutting down on all the hair bunnies or in my case tumble weeds of hair is to brush your dog regularly.  Figuring out your pet’s hair type, whether it is a smooth coat, double coat, wire coat, long coat, or curly coat, will help determine the kind of brush you should be using.  If you don’t know what kind of hair your dog has or the type of brush you need, please check out this site (https://worldofangus.com/blogs/health-training/97786241-the-5-different-types-of-dog-fur-and-what-you-should-know).
  2. Carpets and Upholstery  – Invest in a good pet hair specific vacuum.  A pet hair specific vacuum is able to get you that deep cleaning that is needed to get all the hair out of the carpet.  Depending on if you allow your pet on the couch will determine if you are going to need strong attachment tools to get in the crevices of the couch.  Another tip is to sprinkle baking soda on your carpet, which helps eliminate any odors that are lingering. Here is a list of the top five pet hair vacuums. (http://bestreviews.com/best-pet-vacuums)
  3. Hardwood Floors – The way I keep or try to keep all the tumble weeds of hair to a minimum is keep use a dry Swifter once a day throughout the house.  This also helps with getting any loose dirt that may have been brought in either from their paws or their coats.  I also have a spray mop that I use every other day in the high traffic areas or areas I know they like to lay down.  I use a mixture of wood cleaner and water, but you can use whatever type of floor cleaner that works best for your floor.  A fun trick to keep your base boards cleaner is to rub fabric softener sheets along them at least once a month to keep them dust free!
  4. Keep your filters clean – It is a good idea to check your filters once a month especially if you have more than one shedding animal.  This will help keep any allergies at bay as well as keeping the air clean.
  5. Door Preparation – The best way to keep the outside outside is by having a sturdy mat at all entrances that your pet comes in an out of.  I would suggest picking mats that are machine washable since they will be getting dirty fairly often especially if your dog likes to dig like mine.  That brings me to my next item to keep by your door, an absorbing towel.  You can use this on their paws when it’s wet or they have been “gardening”.

This may seem like a lot more work for you around the house, but trust me if you keep on top of these things it really will only take 10-15 minutes out of your day and a whole lot of happiness! We would love to hear if you have any other tricks that you use to keep hair at bay, so please feel free to comment below!

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