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Fall Yard Cleanup Checklist

Fall Yard Cleanup Checklist

Before you get too caught up in all the Oktoberfests, apple picking, and pumpkin carving be sure to winterize your yard.  Here is a list of what you will need to do before the cold weather comes and once this 100 degree weather stops!

Clean up debris

Clear out all the flower beds to keep unwanted guests away.  Make sure to pay special attention to rose beds, as they can foster disease over the winter.

Trim Up

Trim any large tree or bush branches that may cause you trouble during the winter. You don’t want any branches falling on your house when the snow comes!

Clean out the gutters

Probably my least favorite thing to do around the house due to the fact that I’m afraid of heights.  Fall is the perfect time to clear leaves and other debris from your gutters.  This will prevent any blockages and keep your gutters properly draining. You can use a large bucket, small garden trowel, and rinse out with a hose.

Dry out

Before the first freeze comes you will need to drain all water from hoses, fountains, and drip irrigation systems and store them in a dry place.


To make sure you have a green yard come spring you need to aerate your yard.  Aerating breaks up the soil so water doesn’t pool and guarantees that nutrients will reach the roots over the winter.  You can rent a machine at your local Home Depot if you have a large yard, or you want a good arm workout you can use a garden fork.

Feeding Time

Adding a fall lawn fertilizer will also help guarantee that you have the best yard in the neighborhood come spring. You will need to find a fertilizer with high phosphorous content, which promotes root growth.


This is a MUST! If you leave leaves all over the yard it can suffocate the grass, and in turn ruin all the work you did with the feeding and aerating. 


If you have planted new shrubs or trees this fall you can use the shredded leaves as a blanket for the winter.  If you don’t vacuum your leaves then you can use regular bagged mulch.

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