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10 Steps to Get Your Home Ready for the Spring Market

As most of you know, Springtime is the best time of year to sell a house. Here are ten things you can do now to get ready for the Spring market.

  1. Prepare Your Yard.  The first thing potential buyers see is the outside of your home. Preparing your yard helps make a great first impression! Be sure to clean up any leftover debris from the Winter and give the yard a fresh mow. If you don’t already have some early Spring blooms in your garden, adding a few containers of tulips or daffodils to your front porch will add an inviting pop of color.
  2. Heating and Cooling Maintenance. To get ahead of inspections, I would suggest getting your A/C and heater serviced before putting your house on the market. This way you won’t be surprised if anything comes up during inspections.
  3.  Let Light In. Spring is the time where everyone comes out of hibernation and loves having light come into the home. You can get your house ready by giving your windows a deep clean.  In addition, I would suggest giving your blinds a good dusting and sending your drapes to the dry cleaners for a good wash and press.
  4. Spruce Up Entryway. Your entryway sets the tone for the rest of the house so don’t forget about sprucing it up a bit! If your welcome mat has seen better days, I would suggest picking up a new one.
  5. Declutter and Stage. I can not stress this one enough! I have seen far too many agents allow their clients to have a cluttered looking house. Spring is the time to purge items that you no longer need.  Reorganizing items in the kitchen to show off one’s kitchen counter space is highly recommended.
  6. Paint. Giving your walls a fresh neutral coat of paint will go a long ways in attracting buyers. Consider painting your front door and trim even if your rooms don’t need new paint.
  7. Home Improvements. While many of you don’t necessarily want to do a major renovation project before you sell, you can make minor repairs and improvements that will make your home look updated to buyers. Try things such as replacing the caulk and grout in your bathroom, updating old light fixtures, and changing switch plates, doorknobs and other hardware for a clean and neat appearance.
  8. Clean Floors. If you have pets or kids this is a 100% must.  You should have all your floors professionally cleaned, and if necessary, refinished if you have hardwood.
  9. Switch out Decor. Adding a pop of Spring color will add a light and cheerful vibe to your house.  This can be done with throw pillows, blankets, or some Spring flowers and trees in vases.
  10. Deep Clean. Unless you have the time and leftover energy after all of the above, I would suggest hiring a cleaning service to come in and make your house sparkle right before pictures and showings.

If you have any questions about putting your house on the market this Spring, please let us know! We would be more than happy to walk through your house to answer any questions you may have about getting your house in tip top shape.

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